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Vetements Jackets for Men's & Women's

Vetements Jackets for Men's & Women's

Vetements is renowned for its avant-garde approach to fashion, offering both men's and women's jackets that blend high fashion with streetwear influences. Their jackets often feature oversized silhouettes, bold graphics, and unconventional designs that challenge traditional fashion norms. For Men's & Women's Vetements jackets can include oversized denim jackets, bomber jackets with distinctive detailing, and statement outerwear pieces. Women's options often include oversized leather jackets, hooded parkas, and reinterpreted blazers with exaggerated proportions. Each piece from Vetements reflects their innovative design ethos, making them a standout choice for fashion-forward individuals.

Men's Vetements Jackets

  1. Oversized Denim Jackets: Featuring distressed details, these jackets often have a vintage, worn-in look with a modern twist.
  2. Bomber Jackets: Vetements' bombers are typically oversized with unique prints or embroidered details, making them stand out.
  3. Parka Jackets: These come in oversized fits with functional details like multiple pockets and drawstrings, often featuring bold branding.
  4. Leather Jackets: Known for their high-quality leather, Vetements' leather jackets often have a biker or moto style with distinctive details and patches.
  5. Blazers: Blazers from Vetements are usually oversized with unconventional tailoring and can include unique design elements such as asymmetrical cuts or unexpected materials.

Women's Vetements Jackets

  1. Denim Jackets: Similar to the men's styles, but with a focus on a more fitted silhouette and often featuring embellishments or graphic prints.
  2. Bomber Jackets: For women, these may include more feminine touches like floral prints or a slightly more tailored fit while retaining the brand’s signature oversized look.
  3. Trench Coats: Vetement trench coats are often reimagined with exaggerated features such as large lapels, asymmetrical cuts, and unique fabric combinations.
  4. Puffer Jackets: These are designed with oversized silhouettes and bold color choices, sometimes featuring innovative materials for a standout look.
  5. Blazers: Women’s blazers from Vetements often feature unique tailoring and can be worn as statement pieces, sometimes incorporating unexpected elements like bold prints or unusual fabrics.

Types Of Vetement Jackets

  • Vetements Bomber Jacket
  • Vetements Alpha Industries Edition Bomber Jacket
  • Vetements Securite Motorcross Leather Jacket
  • Vetements Blackout Racing Bomber Jacket
  • Vetements Reversible Bomber Jacket
  • Vetements Pinstriped Cotton-blend Blazer
  • Vetements Stamped Logo Denim Jacket
  • Vetements Doodle-print Bomber Jacket
  • Vetements Flower-print Velvet Puffer Jacket
  • Vetements Ripped-detail Oversized Denim Jacket

Tips for Styling Vetements Jackets for Men & Women

Balance Proportions: Vetements jackets often feature oversized and exaggerated silhouettes. Pair these with more fitted pieces to balance the overall look. For example, an oversized bomber jacket works well with skinny jeans or tailored trousers.

Embrace Layering: Use your Vetements jacket as a key layering piece. Underneath, you can wear anything from simple tees and turtlenecks to patterned shirts and hoodies. Layering adds depth and interest to your outfit.

Mix High and Low Fashion: Combine your high-end Vetements jacket with more affordable basics for a chic, high-low mix. This approach keeps your look grounded and wearable for everyday occasions.

Accessorize Thoughtfully: Keep accessories minimal to let the jacket be the focal point. Simple jewelry, a classic watch, or understated bags can complement your look without overwhelming it.

Play with Textures: Vetements jackets often come in a variety of textures like leather, denim, and technical fabrics. Pair these with contrasting textures in your outfit, such as pairing a leather jacket with a cashmere sweater or a denim jacket with a silk blouse.

Go Monochrome: For a sleek and modern look, try a monochrome outfit. A black Vetements jacket paired with black jeans and a black tee can create a striking, streamlined appearance.

Experiment with Color: Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and prints, especially if your Vetements jacket features them. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral to let the jacket stand out.

Footwear Matters: Your choice of footwear can make or break your outfit. Chunky sneakers, classic boots, or sleek loafers can all work well, depending on the style of your Vetements jacket. Choose footwear that complements the overall vibe of your outfit.

Keep It Casual: Many Vetements pieces have a streetwear vibe, so don’t hesitate to keep your outfit casual. Jeans, joggers, and casual tees can all work perfectly with a Vetements jacket.

Confidence is Key: Vetements designs are bold and statement-making. Wear your jacket with confidence and own your unique style.

Popular Vetements Jacket Collections

Seasonal Collections: Each season, Vetements releases collections that often include unique takes on classic jacket styles. These collections frequently draw inspiration from streetwear, pop culture, and contemporary art, resulting in jackets that are both trendy and timeless.

Collaborations: Vetements is known for its collaborations with other brands and artists. These collaborations often produce limited edition jackets that combine the aesthetic of Vetements with the distinct style of their partners. Examples include collaborations with Levi's, Champion, and Juicy Couture.

Graphic Jackets: Vetements often uses graphic prints and bold logos on their jackets. These designs can range from provocative messages to playful graphics, making each piece a statement item.

Upcycled and Reconstructed Jackets: Sustainability is a growing trend in fashion, and Vetements has embraced this with their upcycled and reconstructed jackets. These pieces are made from repurposed materials and garments, creating one-of-a-kind items that are both eco-friendly and fashion-forward.

Notable Vetements Jackets

  • Vetements Oversized Denim Jacket: Known for its relaxed fit and distressed detailing, this jacket is a staple in many fashion-forward wardrobes.
  • Vetements Reversible Bomber Jacket: This versatile piece offers two looks in one, often featuring bold prints on one side and a more understated design on the other.
  • Vetements Trench Coat: With exaggerated features such as oversized lapels and dramatic lengths, this trench coat is a standout piece in any collection.
  • Vetements Logo Leather Jacket: This jacket often features bold Vetements branding and is made from high-quality leather, combining luxury with street style.

Final Thoughts

Vetements jackets are more than just clothing items; they are statements of individuality and style. Whether you're looking for a bold graphic jacket, a classic denim piece with a twist, or a luxurious leather jacket, Vetements offers a range of options for both men and women. The brand's commitment to unique design, quality materials, and modern aesthetics makes its jackets a worthy addition to any fashion enthusiast's wardrobe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is Vetements known for?

Vetements is renowned for its avant-garde, streetwear-inspired fashion. The brand is known for its oversized silhouettes, unique designs, and high-quality materials.

How do Vetements jackets fit?

Vetements jackets are often designed with an oversized fit. It's recommended to check the specific sizing guide for each jacket, as some styles may vary.

Are Vetements jackets unisex?

Many Vetements jackets have a unisex design, though some collections offer pieces specifically tailored for men or women.

What materials are Vetements jackets made from?

Vetements jackets are made from a variety of materials, including denim, leather, nylon, and cotton blends. The brand is also known for its use of upcycled and reconstructed materials.

How should I care for my Vetements jacket?

Care instructions vary depending on the material. Generally, leather jackets should be cleaned by professionals, while denim and cotton jackets can be machine-washed or hand-washed. Always check the care label inside the jacket for specific instructions.