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Our Jacket Process

The Art of Crafting Leather Jackets

At Elite Jacket, our utmost priority is to deliver leather jackets of impeccable quality, perfect fit, and unmatched style. Each order undergoes a meticulous production process, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered before reaching our valued customers' doorsteps.

Let us take you behind the scenes to understand how our leather jackets come to life – from the selection of premium hides to the final delivery.

Handpicked Leather Selection

Crafted with unwavering attention to detail, our jackets are meticulously handmade by our expert artisans. We primarily use lambskin hides, renowned for their softness, natural texture, and skin-friendly properties. Additionally, cowhide is utilized for creating other products such as rugs, further showcasing the versatility of this exquisite material.

Masterful Tanning

Our team of experts employs a fast tanning process along with proper cleaning solutions to prepare the hides for jacket production. Through various methods and equipment, impurities, hair, fat, and proteins are efficiently removed, ensuring a clean and durable foundation.

Washing and Drying

Once tanned, the hides undergo a thorough washing and drying process, which requires meticulous attention and energy. This crucial step enhances the smoothness of the skin, making it more pliable and ready for further refinement.

Designing the Perfect Jacket

Creating a leather jacket involves a careful construction process, which includes pattern creation, precise cutting, meticulous sewing, and the addition of exquisite linings and stylish features. Our team of skilled designers utilizes their expertise and state-of-the-art garment tools and machinery to bring each jacket to life, ensuring a perfect fit, desired variation, and color.

Cutting and Sewing

To create a jacket that withstands the test of time, our experts collect the necessary pieces of leather for the outer and inner patterns. With careful precision, each piece is cut and sewn, meticulously crafting the sleeves, front, and back of the jacket.

Jacket Pattern

We take great pride in delivering well-designed jackets that meet your expectations. Our designers employ a combination of elements, utilizing advanced computerized tools and techniques, to achieve the desired style and aesthetic you desire.

Lining Attachment

To enhance comfort and warmth, we only use the softest and most skin-friendly viscose linings. This addition ensures that our jackets feel natural against your body, elevating the overall wearing experience.

Stringent Quality Checks

Maintaining our commitment to excellence, our inspection team rigorously examines each jacket to ensure it surpasses your expectations and stands the test of time. Prior to shipping, we conduct thorough quality checks, ensuring:

  • The jacket matches the product image and design specifications.
  • The construction aligns with your chosen variation, color, and size.
  • The stitching is flawlessly executed.
  • Any faults or discrepancies are detected and addressed.
  • The finishing touches, including cuffs, collar, buttons, zippers, and pockets, meet our high standards.

Final Inspection and Secure Packaging

Before sending your jacket on its journey, our dedicated team gives it a final look, ensuring it meets our stringent quality standards. To safeguard your purchase during transit, we meticulously package each jacket in special bags designed specifically for leather garments, providing optimal protection against any potential damage.

Swift and Secure Delivery

We entrust your jacket to reputable courier services such as DHL and FedEx, known for their reliability and efficient delivery. Upon dispatch, you will receive a tracking code, allowing you to monitor the status of your order and eagerly await its arrival.

At Elite Jacket, we are continuously striving to exceed your expectations, serving you with dedication and ensuring our esteemed customers are delighted with their experience.