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Pelle Pelle Leather Jackets and Coats Style Guide

Pelle Pelle Leather Jackets and Coats Style Guide

A leather jacket is an absolute must-have in any wardrobe because it completes your style. As we navigate through 2022, we're all craving excitement after the roller coaster of the past two years. Leather jackets and coats are easy to find, but the challenge lies in knowing how to wear them and when they're perfect for each season.

We're not suggesting you relocate to a place where you can wear leather 24/7, though that might be tempting! It's just a fact that a leather jacket is a key asset for every man. Seriously, show me a man without a leather jacket in his closet I bet you won't find one. Many guys go beyond just a jacket; they rock full-on Pelle Pelle outfits, straight out of Marc's basement, all leather, no joke!

History of Pelle Pelle A Journey Through Iconic Urban Fashion

Before we begin to go into the specifics, it's important to explore everything we know about Pelle Pelle and its visionary founder, the esteemed designer Marc Buchanan! A significant focus of this blog revolves around styling Pelle Pelle clothing, including coats, jackets, and more.

The journey began in 1978 when fashion designer Marc decided to launch Pelle Pelle, which means "leather" in Italian. Fashion trends in 1978 were vastly different from today; every clothing brand offered unique styles, but competition was less fierce back then. Despite being discontinued for quite some time now, it's remarkable how Pelle Pelle continues to maintain relevance. This enduring presence is largely due to its sizable and dedicated fan base.

Pelle Pelle not only captivated the general public but also found its way into the wardrobes of numerous celebrities worldwide. Even after ceasing operations, there remains a hopeful anticipation among enthusiasts for a potential revival. As mentioned earlier, the loyal fan base is committed to preserving the legacy of genuine leather. If that means recreating every iconic design, they are fully on board for the journey.

Marc and His Specialty A Focus on Expertise and Innovation

Marc Buchanan is renowned for his specialization in vibrant and colorful clothing, a category he has truly made his own. The journey, commencing in 1978, was marked by its share of highs and lows, during which the Pelle Pelle brand evolved significantly. Initially recognized for its classic varsity jackets, Pelle Pelle expanded its repertoire to include luxurious additions like fur trims and dazzling rhinestones. These innovations propelled its growth and solidified its place in fashion memory for decades.

While formally established in 1978, the groundwork for Pelle Pelle began in the early 1970s. It took seven years of dedication and perseverance to launch something truly remarkable, and even more years to carve out a respected name in the competitive market.

The Big Change in the Fashion Industry Evolution and Revolution

Did you know that 1970 marked the official emergence of hip-hop? This cultural shift sparked a profound change in fashion from formal and structured attire to the rise of loose, baggy t-shirts, and pants. This transformation wasn't confined to the streets it also influenced Hollywood. Several celebrities not only wore Pelle Pelle but actively showed their support and love for it. Icons like Ludacris, 50 Cent, G Unit, Dr. Dre, Fat Joe, Young Dre the Truth, NFL player Marques Colston, Usher, Bobby Brown, Dru Hill, and many others proudly sported Pelle Pelle.

What sets Pelle Pelle apart is its owner's keen understanding of what consumers desire. Marc Buchanan consistently delivered, prioritizing excellence in every garment that bore the Pelle Pelle name. His dedication to the brand ensured that each piece from his boutique met the highest standards of quality and style.

How to Wear Pelle Pelle Correctly?

Pelle Pelle began its journey with jackets and expanded its offerings over time to include iconic pieces like Elite Pelle Pelle coats, Chi-town jackets, the world-famous Pelle Pelle Soda Club collection, bomber jackets, and more. Now that we've covered the history of Pelle Pelle, it's time to dive into the heart of the matter. This article serves as your ultimate guide to curating and styling your Pelle Pelle collection. Whether it's jackets or coats, we'll show you how to make a statement and command attention at any gathering. It's time to bring out your Pelle Pelle apparel and discover the secrets to standout style.

Experiencing The Chi-Town Elegance

Let's dive into the Chi-Town collection because we've got quite a variety in that category, and we're pretty confident you'll find one of those hooded jackets with furry edges.

"Now, there are numerous ways to rock this stylish jacket, but if you want to make a statement"

First off, it all depends on the color of your jacket. If it's white, you should pair it with colors that complement it. Think grey, blue, or black.


Let's take another look at the same article, but with a twist in color. How about trying out a bold red Chi-town jacket inspired by Pelle Pelle? If you're not used to wearing red, it might seem a bit daunting at first. But fear not it's completely doable, and we've got your back. Red pairs beautifully with black, so if you've been eyeing that red jacket in your wardrobe for a while, now is the perfect time to showcase it. Take your Pelle Pelle red leather jacket out of storage and layer it over a black tee. You can also consider pairing it with a printed t-shirt, just ensure the print isn't too vibrant to complement the striking jacket.

The Classic Varsity Jacket!

The fantastic thing about Pelle Pelle is that it not only offers heavy-duty jackets but also varsity jackets. So, if you think they don’t have anything suitable for spring and summertime, you’re mistaken. Speaking of varsity jackets, the best way to sport one is on your campus. Wondering why? Because nothing is more stylish than a Pelle Pelle varsity jacket when you’re heading to a concert or a game. It pairs with everything, and when we say everything, we mean everything! Whether it's a plain t-shirt and ripped jeans or even a formal shirt, you can try it yourself. We bet you’ll find it the sleekest of them all. For an added touch, wear some nerdy glasses too.