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Style Yourself In Ted Lasso's Winning Fashion Looks

Style Yourself In Ted Lasso's Winning Fashion Looks

Step into the world of AFC Richmond with these elite Ted Lasso inspired jackets. From the iconic black hoodie worn by Roy Kent to the stylish gold puffer jacket sported by Keeley, these jackets not only showcase your love for the hit TV show but also elevate your fashion game to championship levels. Let's explore each elite jacket and discover how you can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

Best Ted Lasso Clothes, Outfits, Fashion Looks By Elite Jacket

Elite Jacket's Ted Lasso cast outfits, you can bring the spirit and style of your favorite characters into your everyday life.Now dress up as your favourite Ted Lasso character and be a fashion icon.

The Roy Kent Look:

Embrace the rugged style of AFC Richmond's veteran player with the Roy Kent Look. Start with a classic black hoodie, reminiscent of Roy's signature off-duty attire. Pair it with dark denim jeans and sturdy boots for a look that's both casual and confident. Finish off the ensemble with a beanie and a determined expression to channel Roy's unmistakable presence on and off the pitch.

The Keeley Jones Ensemble:

Ted Lasso S02 Keeley Puffer Jacket

Capture the glamorous and fashionable flair of Keeley Jones with the Keeley Jones Ensemble. Stand out from the crowd in a dazzling gold puffer elite jacket, inspired by Keeley's eye-catching outerwear choices. Pair it with a chic blouse or dress and statement accessories for a look that exudes sophistication and charm. Whether you're attending a social event or simply running errands, this ensemble is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

The Jamie Tartt Track Attire:

Jamie Tartt Track Jacket

Emulate the sporty yet refined style of AFC Richmond's rising star with the Jamie Tartt Attire. Opt for a sleek track jacket in bold colors, reminiscent of Jamie's on-field uniform. Pair it with tailored joggers or athletic-inspired trousers for a look that's equal parts athletic and polished. Complete the ensemble with sleek sneakers and a confident attitude to channel Jamie's dynamic personality.

The Leslie Higgins Outfit:

Leslie Higgins Outfit

Pay tribute to AFC Richmond's dedicated equipment manager with the Leslie Higgins Outfit. Keep it classic and understated with a team branded jacket, inspired by Leslie's unwavering loyalty to the club. Pair it with chinos or khakis and a button down shirt for a timeless look that's perfect for game day or casual outings. Don't forget to accessorize with a lanyard or badge holder to complete the ensemble with a touch of authenticity.

Ted Lasso Jason Sudeikis Orange Sweatshirt:

ted lasso orange sweatshirt

Embrace the iconic optimism and charm of AFC Richmond's beloved coach with the Ted Lasso Vibe. Stand out in a vibrant ted lasso orange sweatshirt, reminiscent of Ted's signature look. Pair it with relaxed-fit jeans or khakis for a casual yet polished ensemble. Don't forget to add a pair of comfortable sneakers and a warm smile to complete the look, channelling Ted's infectious positivity wherever you go.


With these elite Ted Lasso cast outfits, you can bring the spirit and style of your favorite characters into your everyday life. Whether you resonate with Roy Kent's rugged charm, Keeley Jones's glamorous allure, Jamie Tartt's sporty sophistication, or Leslie Higgins's loyal dedication, there's an outfit for every fan to showcase their love for Ted Lasso. So why wait? Elevate your style today and let your Ted Lasso fandom shine!