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Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world

Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world

The holidays are a time for joy, laughter, and special moments celebrated all over the world. Christmas is a worldwide celebrated season, but it is celebrated in a different way all over the world. Yes! Christmas celebration is not the same in every culture. From the date, dress, food, and decoration to the way of celebrating it is different from one another. It is just like Australian people celebrate Christmas in summer and Americans celebrate it in extreme winters.

Weather, language, and region is the reason that every country has a unique way of celebrating Christmas. Dive into the strange conversion of how many ways are there in which Christmas is celebrated.

Christmas around the world

USA And Canada

Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world

USA And Canada's Christmas celebration is almost similar, Santa comes to your home and distributes candies and gifts to kids. Families gather together and eat lunch together, and decorate almost every corner of the house, gingerbread, cookies, Scalloped Potatoes, pudding, and roasted beef are among some of the traditional dishes in these countries.

El Salvador

Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world
Here people gather at night and light the sky with fireworks. When the sky is full of firecrackers, children light up small firecrackers called “Volcancitos” (small volcanos) and “Estrellitas” (little stars). Dress this Christmas evening and be a part of this fireworks ceremony in Red Matrix Leather Coat, best for the nighttime because of its bold red color with shiny leather surface.


Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world
Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated on January 7. At Christmas time, Ukrainians switch out the tinsel, fairy lights, and Spider webs on their Christmas trees. The decoration is made from paper, and silver wire. The name Pavuchky means little spider. This tradition is believed to bring luck and fortune to your house in the coming year. On Christmas Day, a festive feast begins, but not until after the first star appears in the sky.


In Egypt, Christmas is not a major religious holiday. However, those who celebrate it do so on the Holy Nativity. In the 43 days before Christmas (known as Coptic Christmas), people fast from animal products like chicken, eggs, milk, etc. The fast ends on the night of January 7th with a party with friends.


Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world
Even though Christmas isn’t a holiday in Japan (according to Smithsonian Magazine, only about 1 percent of the population is Christian), Japanese people still find a fun and tasty way to celebrate. Instead of having a turkey dinner at home, many families head to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The tradition started in 1974 after a successful marketing campaign called “Kurisumo wa kentakukii!” or “Kentucky for Christmas!”.Eat KFC fully dressed in Mens Burgundy Red Suede Leather Jacket to showcase a unique look and eat in style.


Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world

St. Nicholas and his friends Santa Claus Father Christmas Nikolaus Tag St. Nicholas visits children in schools and at home In exchange for sweets or small presents, children recite poems, sing songs or draw pictures In contrast to Father Christmas, St. Nicholas travels by Donkey On December 6, Nikolaus leaves coins, chocolate and oranges in the shoes of children all over Germany and particularly in Bavaria St. Nicholas with his friends Farmhand Rupert The devil-like figure dressed in dark clothes with bells and a dirty beard carries a stick or small whip in hand punishes children that misbehave


Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world
Saint Nicholas is accompanied by his three friends: Santa, Knecht Ruprecht, and a donkey. Just like the U.S. celebrates the twelve days of Christmas, Iceland celebrates thirteen. Every night before Christmas, the thirteen Yule Lads visit Icelandic children. After putting their boots by the window, they go upstairs to bed. The next morning, they get candy (if they are good) or shoes filled with rotten potatoes (if they are bad).

From the above blogs, we got to know that Christmas is such a diverse festival. Almost all the world celebrates Christmas but according to their own culture and religion. But the happiness, excitement, and amount of joy are the same for all.